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Future Bride Gives Groom USB Wedding Ring to Hold 'Lifetime of Memories'

usb key wedding ring
It may seem like a trivial choice to some, but picking out the perfect wedding ring is actually a pretty major decision. This is the piece of jewelry, after all, that your future spouse will be wearing (in theory) til death do you part, so it probably shouldn't look like a Ring Pop. Even more importantly, this ring could one day serve as an immediate deterrent to any bar flies or hussies trying to grab a slice of the love of your life. So what's the best way to mark your marital territory and fend off the hounds? With an über geeky wedding ring, of course.

Instead of going the traditional route and buying just another soporific wedding band, one future bride decided to go the extra mile, and ordered a ring custom designed to look like a USB key. Her fiancé happened to be Microsoft Game Studios Software Development Engineer Ray Arifianto (read: "Geekzilla"). Though not much of a gamer or techie herself, as Kotaku reports, she has absolutely no problem with wearing a USB key around her finger for all of eternity. Engraved on the inside of the ring is the phrase, "For a lifetime of memories." Though, by judging from the size of the ring, we're guessing that by "lifetime," the future Mrs. Arifianto means "128 GB." [From: Kotaku, via: Mashable]

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