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Range Rover E-Range Will Be World's First Electric SUV

Electric Range Rover hits UK market later this year.

Surely to become the vehicle of choice for environmentally-minded celebrities and athletes, an electric Range Rover with a whopping 200-mile range will become available in the U.K. later this year. According to the Telegraph, the E-Range, which was developed by Liberty Electric Cars, is the world's first totally electric SUV. The vehicle tops out at 110 mph, thanks to six Lithium Polymer batteries -- two under the hood and four on the undercarriage -- that power electric motors placed on each wheel. Most amazing of all, the SUV can be charged without being connected by a traditional power cord. Instead, the car's batteries, which have a 13-year and 300,000-mile lifetime, can be completely charged by parking it above an induction plate for just one to three hours.

Not only will you need a U.K. address to get behind the wheel of a new E-Range, but, at $225,500, you'll need a fat bank account, too. Don't fret, all you wealthy Americans: the E-Range will journey across the pond soon enough. Then, you can have your luxury status symbol and be eco-friendly, too. [From: The Telegraph]

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