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PlayStation 3 Gets 3-D Blu-ray and YouTube Support in September

Bluray and Youtube on PS3
Last month, Sony released the first 3-D games for its Playstation 3 console. Now, according to Joystiq, a firmware update to be released in September will allow the PS3 to play 3-D Blu-ray movies. It should be stated, though, that for now the only 3-D Blu-ray title on the market is the kids' film 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,' and gamers probably won't be snatching those up. But, as more 3-D TVs become available (and James Cameron's 3-D extravaganza 'Avatar' gets released), it's only natural that the 3-D Blu-ray market will ramp up production.

The September PS3 firmware update also bring The ability to view 3-D videos on YouTube is also coming soon. Wrapping up the 3-D blowout, PS3 owners will be able to store and view their own 3-D photos and videos on the console, as well -- whenever that technology becomes accessible, whether we want it or not. [From: Joystiq]

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