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Woman Busted for Sending Fake Text Threats to Herself

jailed over cell phone texts
If you wanna spend your days sending disparaging text messages to yourself, that's fine. But if you do it and tell the police that the threats are coming from someone else, that's actually pretty illegal -- and pretty pathetic.

Santa Ana, California's Jeanne Mundango Manunga, you see, clearly had some pretty serious beef with her ex-boyfriend and his sister-in-law. Instead of punching a pillow, though, she devised a not-so-elaborate plan to get back at the pair. As the Orange County Register reports, Manunga bought a pre-paid cell phone in the sister-in-law's name, and proceeded to send a slew of text threats to her own cell phone. After going to the police on at least 19 separate occasions, law enforcement officials finally decided to investigate, and eventually arrested both ex and sister-in-law on inaccurate charges of making criminal threats.

Once they posted thousands of dollars in bail, though, the wrongfully incriminated duo visited a few local phone stores, uncovered Manunga's plot, and pressed charges. Now, a jury has found her guilty of three felony charges of false imprisonment by fraud or deceit, and two misdemeanor counts of filing a false police report. Bottom line: this maniac's gonna have to spend at least one year in jail -- unless, of course, she can convince her imaginary, evil twin to serve it in her stead. [From: OCRegister, via: CNET]

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