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Consumer Reports: iPhone 4 Reception Problems Due to Faulty Design

iPhone 4 Reception issues

Apple may still refuse to admit that its iPhone 4 is plagued with design flaws, but Consumer Reports certainly won't. In a recent blog post, the company's testers confirmed that the signal problems many have noticed with the new iPhone are, indeed, the result of faulty design. After testing different phones in a so-called "radio frequency isolation chamber," engineers noticed that when they covered the bottom left corner of the phone (where the antenna is located), they experienced significant loss of signal strength. They also ran similar tests on other phones, including the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, and concluded that only the iPhone 4 suffered from such a precipitous drop in signal strength. As a result, the company could not officially recommend the device to its readers. See the video after the jump.

Consumer Reports went on to call Apple out on its previous claim that any loss of reception strength was simply due to flawed software, which gave users mixed signals about their signals. Will Steve Jobs come up with another claim to counter these engineers' findings? Probably not. Will Apple's iPhone 4 sales suffer because the device lacks Consumer Reports' seal of approval? Unlikely. But at least we can all rest easy knowing that it's not really our fault that we hold our phones "wrong." [From: Consumer Reports, via: New York Times]

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