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'BlackBerry Protect' Brings Mobile Backup and Remote Wipe to Your Phone

BlackBerry Protect
BlackBerry isn't in danger of becoming irrelevant anytime soon thanks to its deeply entrenched enterprise install base. But it would be foolish to pretend there were no threats to the throne. Apple's iOS and Google's Android have been adding enterprise-friendly features, and Microsoft will soon be introducing the exciting looking Windows Phone 7 later this year. Recent teasers of BlackBerry OS 6 have revealed a company in the midst of a severe identity crisis that, rather than doing what it does best, is trying to compete with the other boys on the block at their own game. That's why we're excited to see BlackBerry Protect, a new distinctly business-user-friendly tool to secure your RIM handset (or fleet of handsets).

BlackBerry Protect offers remote management tools that should come by default (and for free) on every modern smart phone. First, the service will back up or restore your data over 3G. In the event you lose your precious CrackBerry, Protect can set off an alarm to help you locate your phone or remotely wipe it to protect sensitive information. If you still think you've got a chance of uncovering your phone, BlackBerry Protect can lock your handset and use GPS to locate it on a map. All of these features will be accessible through a handy Web interface.

BlackBerry Protect

Select members of the BlackBerry Beta Zone will be sent an invite code to test BlackBerry Protect in beta later this week. If you haven't signed up yet, there is still time to get in before invites are sent out. Don't worry If you miss out on the private beta -- a public test program will open up later this year. Check out the full post on the BlackBerry blog for more information. [From: BlackBerry Blog]

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