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Wi-Fi Equipped 'Halo' Bike Lock Sounds the Stolen Bike Alarm

Halo Bike Lock
Some of the Switched team take to two wheels for the daily commute, and, although the streets of New York are hardly the safest place to be biking, we're usually more concerned about bike theft than we are swerving taxi drivers. Most of us use the low-tech approach of riding a cheap-o road bike, and lugging around a heavy chain to lock it up, but we're now considering the Halo bike lock concept. Art director Steve Hunt embedded a wireless Eye-Fi card in the bendable circular lock in order to alert you, via the 'Love Your Bike' iPhone app, if somebody's tampering with it. (Granted, the system is entirely dependent on your bike being parked in range of a free Wi-Fi hotspot.) If your lock has been snapped off, and left on the ground, you'll have no luck in chasing down your bike. Still, at least the smartphone alert will give you a head start on catching the thieving crook. [From: Steve Hunt, via: Crunchgear]

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