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Vibrating Car Seats to Help Prevent Accidents, Relieve Lower Back Pain

Haptic Seat
A researcher at Yale University has developed a car-safety system that uses touch, rather than sight, to warn drivers of potential danger. According to Tech News Daily, John Morrell lined a car seat with a bunch of cell-phone vibration motors that warn drivers of approaching vehicles.

The motors continuously (and lightly) vibrate as the driver cruises down the road. When another car approaches, mounted sensors relay the information to the vibrating motors, and, depending on which side the car is approaching, the motors will vibrate harder under the corresponding side of the seat. Morrell says this touch-based system trumps visual warning signals because it allows the driver to remain more focused on the task at hand: driving. "Looking at [a light] and converting that into an image of a car in your blind spot requires a little more cognitive ability than if something's touching you," Morrell said to Tech News Daily. "It's a more direct pathway into the brain, since touch gives you orientation for free." Even if Morrell's vibrating safety system doesn't cut down on traffic accidents, it could relieve many frustrated drivers of some stress (and back problems). [From: Tech News Daily]

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