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Japanese Burger Kings Think Patrons Want 'Musical Showers' With Their Whoppers

Japanese Burger King's 'musical showers.'
At a recently opened Burger King in Japan, customers can get a Whopper, french fries, a Coke and a shower, too -- not the wet and naked kind, but a "musical shower," designed to drench your newly sated ears in delicious sounds. According to Engadget, certain booths at Japanese BKs feature docks for your iPod and a clear, bowl-shaped speaker hanging above the table. As a result, your personalized tunes rain down on your table while you munch on a value meal. The sound supposedly doesn't bleed from one table to the next, but we cannot confirm that to be true.

We love the idea of replacing the din of a fast-food restaurant with a personalized playlist, but aside from installing soundproof boxes, there's no way the shouts and clanks from the kitchen won't trump whatever is playing on an iPod. While the individualization isn't an unwanted touch, the Muzak isn't the first thing we'd change about our average Burger King experience. [From: Engadget]

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