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Gmail Gets Rich Text Signatures, Joins the 1990s

Gmail Rich Text Signatures
If you ask any Gmail power user what feature they think is most desperately needed to make their favorite Web-mail service even better, we guarantee nine out of ten will either say rich text or HTML signatures. See, Google decided some time ago that we'd only need plain text for our electronic sign-offs. Those of us who wanted to insert links, images or even just use a different font were forced to use Grease Monkey scripts, Firefox extensions and convoluted hacks involving the Gmail Labs' "canned response" feature. Now, Google has finally seen fit to bring rich text-editing features to its signature tool, bringing Gmail in line with turn-of-the-century versions of Microsoft's Outlook.

We suppose it's better late than never, but we really can't believe it took six years for Google to bring such a basic feature to its (otherwise) world class e-mail offering. How many years are we going to have to wait for proper screenshot tools in Android? [From: Gmail Blog]

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