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Fstoppers Claims You Need Only an iPhone for Professional Shots

FStoppers iPhone Photo Shoot
While newer smartphones like the iPhone 4 and HTC Evo are coming with 5-megapixel (or higher) cameras these days, the lowly cameraphone is still known for its blurry, out-of-focus shots. The crew at the Fstoppers video blog claims the quality of your image isn't tied to the quality of your camera, and to test this, co-founder and photographer Lee Morris put the iPhone 3GS's camera to the test.

The 3GS was stabilized by being Velcro'd to a tripod, a model was plopped down in front of a seamless backdrop, and lighting was brought in for the shoot. The accompanying video (after the jump) doesn't show any trickery. The iPhone's camera was used without having been modified in any way. (Note the "impromptu" moment where the camera actually rings on set.) However, a quick glance around the studio reveals that, though the camera isn't first rate, everything else is. In the first shot alone, five very professional lights are used, which, at the least, have to collectively cost more than three iPhones. Morris clearly booked a professional model (complete with hair styling and full makeup), and sent the photos off for retouching.

While we're amazed at the quality of the photographs, we can't help but point out that the lighting, the makeup and the retouching are what make these photos look so good. It would be one thing if the point of the video was to show viewers what an iPhone can do, given extremely conditioned circumstances, but Morris explicitly states that its purpose is "to prove to you that this isn't about having good camera equipment." Proving this in a studio full of expensive equipment doesn't show us any real ingenuity. What Morris may have inadvertently taught us is that, when it comes to studio photography, the camera may not be the most important part of a shoot, after all. [From: Fstoppers, via: Gizmodo]

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