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Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Rages at LeBron James in Comic Sans

Comic Sans Letter
Let's say you've been betrayed. Someone you've dedicated the last several years of your life to just up and walks away from you. And worse still, makes sure to create a self-serving, over-dramatic spectacle as he does so. When you decide it's time to vent your frustrations, and address not only the person who stabbed you in the back but the people who were collateral damage in breakup, what font speaks both of rage, the severity of your hurt and the complexity of your emotions? If you said Comic Sans, you're probably Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert.

In one of the most mind-boggling decisions we've ever encountered, Gilbert posted an open letter to Cavaliers fans tearing LeBron James apart for his abandonment of the Ohio team in the most despised font to ever grace the annals of typographic history. It's a shame, too, because the understandable anger and seemingly sincere (if somewhat spiteful) promise to win an NBA championship are drowned in the font of hideous chain letters. On the plus side, the rant did garner plenty of attention on Twitter because of its typographical faux pas. Maybe Gilbert knew it would. Maybe he's smarter than we realize, and Comic Sans was all part of the plan. [From: Cleveland Cavaliers, via: TechCrunch]

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