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Baseball Joins the 3-D TV Ranks This Weekend

Baseball in 3-D
If you're the type who thinks baseball is boring, just you wait for this weekend's match-ups (July 10th and 11th) between the Yankees and the Mariners on DirecTV. The games will be carried, by YES in the Northeast and FSN in the Northwest, in brilliant, magical, life-altering 3-D! Of course, you'll need one of those expensive 3-D TVs, and enough 3-D glasses to pass around to the entire family, and live in one of the nine states that are (partially) covered by those stations' broadcasts.

DirecTV will be able claim that it's airing the first 3-D baseball game, but let's be honest here: unless Robinson Cano hits a home run directly at one of the cameras, 3-D isn't going to make baseball too much more exciting to those who think of it as nap time, anyway. Then again, if you're like a good chunk of the Switched staff, 3-D TV just gives you a headache anyway. We're lucky, then, that the games will still be broadcast in good ol' fashioned HD, as well, for us 3-D hating Yankee lovers. [From: Business Wire, via: CrunchGear]

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