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Almost Half of Workplace IT Admit to Spying on Workers

IT spy on workers
Take this as yet another reason to be careful about what you say and do at work. Chances are that your IT guys are digging a little deeper than they should. A survey conducted by Cyber-Ark Software found that 41-percent of IT pros admitted to "abusing" their administrative privileges. This means using passwords to access HR records and customer databases and finding other confidential information.

However, take this info with a grain of salt. The sample size of only 400 participants is incredibly small. Plus, Cyber-Ark is in the business of selling software for addressing exactly this sort of problem. But the survey does reveal other interesting, and potentially alarming information; although 70-percent of ITers said their employers had tools to prevent privacy abuse, 61-percent said they were able to bypass the guards. The other 30-percent reported that their workplaces had no such tools in place, at all.
The lesson is that, even if your IT staff isn't spying on you, they probably could. Always play it safe when it comes to storing data at work. [From: ReadWriteWeb]

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