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'Wet Circuits' Power Strip Promises to Save You From a Watery Electrocution

Wet Circuits Power strip
Without the power strip, where would we be? We'd be too busy rewiring our houses to run this blog, that's for sure. Despite our indebtedness to this marvel of modern convenience, though, we still find plenty of fault with the power-consolidation gizmos. For one, there's the problem posed by that oddly shaped charger that takes up the space of two outlets, though it needs only one. Fortunately, we've got that situation handled for us. But what about those times when you're fiddling with said chargers, and accidentally spill your Natty Light all over the place? What then?! You dig deep into your drinking money, pony up $35 and get yourself a water-resistant, shock-preventing Wet Circuits power strip, that's what. (Note: We don't actually know that this thing is beer-resistant. Hell, we don't know if it's water-resistant.)

Check out the video below for a demonstration of the power strip's, er, power -- as narrated by a poorly overdubbed lady in a lab coat. [From: Wet Circuits, via: Ubergizmo]

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