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Motorola Charm Combines QWERTY, Candybar and Android

Motorola CharmSince hitting the market in late 2008, Android has had one glaring omission from its repertoire of form factors: a candy-bar style, portrait QWERTY phone like a BlackBerry. Those who fell in love with their BlackJack or Dash back in the day, and are desperate to upgrade to a modern mobile OS like Android finally have an option: the Motorola Charm.

The Charm is the spiritual successor to the Backflip, as a touchpad, mounted on the back of the phone, can be used to navigate the OS. Also featured is a 2.8-inch touchscreen, and Motorola's much maligned Blur interface, which compiles social networking feeds on your home screen. The Charm will be loaded with Android 2.1 instead of the finally official Froyo, but we wouldn't be surprised if an update were to come shortly after it hits shelves. You'll also find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a Kodak-branded 3-megapixel camera. There has been no mention of GPS, but, hopefully, that omission was accidental.

Motorola Charm

The Charm will be coming to T-Mobile "this summer" for an undisclosed price, but we'd expect it to be on the cheap side. [From: Motorola, via: Engadget]

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