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GPS 'Crossroads' Will Drive You to Your Knees, Pleading for Mercy

crossroads screenshot
GPS sheeple have blindly followed their navigation gadgets 400 miles away from their intended destination, to impassible avenues, and even through closed gates and stacks of rocks. But could the devices actually kill their owners? Well, maybe if that owner attempts to listen to 25 of them at once.

To investigate the "influence of others onto one's own path of life in an abstract way," artist Garvin Nolte embarked on a "Crossroads" GPS project. The glutton for monotonous punishment affixed 25 of the devices to his dashboard and windshield, and then filmed the mayhem of the ensuing cacophony of emotionless voices. Check the maddening video after the break for GPS art in motion; however, be warned, if you find yourself annoyed by incessant cries of "rerouting," then prepare yourself for complete and utter insanity. [From: Garvin Nolte, via: Technabob]

crossroads (what to do) from Garvin Nolte on Vimeo.

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