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Airport Body Scanners 'Contradict Islam,' Dubai Refuses to Employ

Millimeter Wave ScanDubai, the Las-Vegas-of-the-Middle-East-turned-economic-wasteland, is rejecting full-body scanners at its airports because they "contradict Islam," according to Brigadier Pilot Ahmad Mohammad Bin Thani, who is the head of airport security for Dubai police. Concerned about the "privacy of individuals and their personal freedom," Bin Thani remarked to the Associated Free Press that Dubai will use alternative security measures that don't involve computer-generated nudity.

This is entirely unsurprising. Even people who don't subscribe to religious edicts for modesty have been angered by the prospect of airport security workers getting a gander at their goods while screening for bombs and the like. For one poorly endowed TSA worker, the scanners have even resulted in a well-publicized brawl and arrest. But for a region that still looks upon Western dress and behavior as flagrant and in poor taste, if not downright illegal, we would find it hard to believe if Dubai actually did employ the body scanners.

The U.S. has been pushing the fully revealing millimeter wave systems, which, it says, could have been used to stop the Underwear Bomber before that Dutch guy did, on airports around the globe. But, amidst concerns of privacy invasion and where those images ultimately end up, only a handful of hubs have installed the scanners at their security check-ins. [From: FOX News]

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