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Flying Cars Rapidly Approaching Commercial Takeoff

Tyrannos Flying Car
After decades of failed promises, flying cars may soon crowd the nation's streets and airspaces -- as long as shoppers can afford those $200,000 price tags. The FAA recently approved the Terrifugia Transition two-seater for takeoff, but another company's design may allow even unlicensed consumers to drive and fly, without the federal agency's stringent pilot requirements.

Logi AeroSpace's Tyrannos four-seater concept relies on rotary wings for street-liftoff, and would conceivably cruise at an altitude of 1,000 feet. It would also apparently, in a simultaneously awesome and terrifying scenario, allow potential aero-drivers to fly without significant pilot training. Logi AeroSpace hopes DARPA, which has previously championed the development of futuristic vehicles by private companies and citizen scientists, will help fund and develop the Tyrannos. But, if Logi truly aims for DARPA support, it may need to investigate a new name, or, at least, devise clever components for a TYRANNOS acronym. [From: Wired, via: Engadget]

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