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'Everybody Edits' Is the Most Chaotic and Cruel Game Ever

Everybody Edits
You have never played a game like 'Everybody Edits.' You've never seen anything quite as chaotic or cruel posing as a "casual" flash game. The basic premise is simple: you control a tiny smiley face avatar, and you must guide it through the level to the end. That's where the simplicity ends. Levels are designed by users, and a designer can choose to leave a level "open." Doing so enables the user to actually alter the layout as he or she wishes -- whether by changing the goal, or by messing with the other players (up to 49), who are sure to be driven mad by the seemingly impossible task of "beating" each map.

Levels consist of differently colored blocks, arrows that toss you in whatever direction they point, and keyhole blocks, which disappear and reappear as players pass over keys of the corresponding color. Particularly mean-spirited level designers will place these disappearing block directly over a sea of arrows that will swiftly, and callously, send you right back to the beginning. Despite feeling like the game's developers are mocking us somewhere, and being driven to fits of rage by particularly evil level builders, we can't help ourselves from coming back for more. We'd like to think it's because of the simple and addictive game play, but we're beginning to think we just hate ourselves. [From: Everybody Edits, via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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