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Lady Gaga Trounces Obama With 10 Million Facebook Fans

Lady Gaga
Can Lady Gaga be stopped? Self-marketing genius, living performance piece, fortuitous flavor of the month or some combination of the three, the Lady's rise to fame seems uninhibited by even bad press and a mediocre music video. You could argue that the world has reached its Lady Gaga tipping point, but the numbers would refute you. As we reported back in April, Gaga made YouTube history by pulling in over a billion views for just three videos (we've calculated our managing editor is responsible for at least half of those hits). And now, she's just earned another milestone by raking in over 10 million Facebook fans.

As of today, she's earned 10,673,476 fans, to be exact. That's more people than the population of Portugal, where naysayers just may want to send every Gaga fan. (We hear Lisbon is lovely this time of year. Or not?) She overtook President Obama, still sitting pretty with 9.82 million fans, to have more followers than any other living person on Facebook. Detractors of the Haus of Gaga will be heartened to know that intangibles such as Texas Hold 'em Poker, Mafia Wars and 'Family Guy' are still trouncing the Lady with their fan counts.

We're surprised that people are still clamoring to get on the Gaga bandwagon, considering the spate of bad press she's seen lately, or the flop (in our humble opinion) of the lackluster 'Alejandro' video. Apparently having Jerry Seinfeld show his age and call you a jerk after you give the middle finger to everyone and upstage your own sister at her graduation won't stop the Germanotta engine from pulling in more fans. (Literally, with those T-Rex-arm dance moves.) You've got to hand it to her for being able to become one of the most famous people -- on the Internet, as least -- from the release of 1.5 albums. Or, you know, don't. [From: BBC and Facebook]

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