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DIY DeLorean Hovercraft Project Needs Your Help

DIY Delorean Hovercraft
This is Matthew Riese. That thing next to him? That's his hover DeLorean. Seriously.

This 26-year-old grad student and San Francisco resident is building one of the most amazing and ridiculous things we have ever seen -- a completely custom, wood and fiberglass hovercraft, modeled after one of the most iconic failures in automotive history. For the past two years, Riese has been working diligently to get this thing in safe, working and legal order (and it freakin' hovers). This is no small task, though, and, with an estimated three months left of work, he has run out of funds.

He's now turned to Kickstarter, a site that helps creative and evil scientist types fund their wildest projects. Riese has set a goal of $5,500 to complete his project, and is asking for generous donors to pledge support at Kickstarter. The thing is, if Riese falls short of that $5,500, everyone is off the hook for their donations; people will only be charged if he crosses that threshold (though, given the media coverage he's been receiving, we don't think that'll be much of an issue).

As a thank you for pledging, Riese is offering an array of gifts like the ones you'd receive from an NPR or PBS station. For $4, your name will be written on the craft, while $8 will get you a photo or hand-drawing of the vehicle. The real fun starts, though, at the $50 price point, which guarantees you a five- to ten-minute ride in the DeLorean. Cough up $250 or more, and Riese will take you for a half-hour spin, and even teach you to drive it. The Switched staff might have to schedule a trip out West. [From: Kickstarter, via: BuzzFeed]

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