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AOL Tech Redesign Brings App Store to Your Government Services

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Just in time for the Fourth of July, the federal government's official Web portal,, has been redesigned and relaunched with more comprehensive tools for citizen browsers. The clearing house for all other government sites and services has a brand new search engine that is reportedly nine-times faster than the original, and now boasts search-as-you-type features. The site also puts mobile applications from the various branches front and center. Easy links to mobile Web, iPhone and Android apps are now placed on the home page, and are given a directory of their own at

We've already covered many of the apps, like the official White House app, but others are a little more obscure. The Alternative Fuel Locator, for instance, finds the nearest biodiesel, electric, etha­nol, hydrogen, natural gas and propane fueling sites The My TSA app provides real-time updates from airports and the FAA, as well as a quick reference guide for luggage and carry-on restrictions. [From:, via: Hillicon Valley]

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