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Gay Google Employees to Receive Bonuses to Offset Insurance Taxes

Gay Google
Google announced yesterday that it would be "grossing-up imputed taxes on health insurance benefits for all same-sex domestic partners in the United States." Basically, the Google Gays (or 'Gayglers,' as the company calls them) who happen to live outside of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C., and who list a domestic partner on their insurance plans will get a little bonus on their paychecks each month to help compensate for the federal taxes they pay. Shockingly, conservatives are mad!

Married couples don't have to pay taxes for including their spouses on their insurance plans, but LGBT couples in the 45 states that don't allow same-sex marriage do. Focus on the Family, the bane of pro-choice activists and supporters of marriage reform, says Google is silly to pander to "a perceived inequity," as spokesperson Gary Schneeberger put it to FOX News.

What is not "perceived" but happens to be, in fact, very real is that tax-paying, adult citizens are not allowed to marry other tax-paying adult citizens in 90-percent of our great country's land, because their dangling bits (or lack there of) happen to look alike. The legal reality is quite concrete for the majority of American LGBT people.

Focus on the Family insists that Google should look into compensating their married employees as well, to offset the costs that some couples incur under the Marriage Penalty Tax. The MPT's reach is greatly exaggerated, however; it really only significantly affects couples with two high incomes, and most couples pay less in taxes by filing jointly than they would if they'd remained single.

In addition to the tax bonus -- which is retroactive to January 1st, 2010 -- Google will also be introducing an "equivalent of the Family and Medical Leave Act for all same-sex domestic partners." We wonder why some conservatives are so mad about this. Shouldn't it placate the Homosexual Army, otherwise intent on destroying America and the Boy Scouts, for just a little while? See, this way they won't be all up in your face with their techno music and that whole "I'd like to visit my dying partner in the hospital, maybe?" rhetoric. [From: FOX News and Official Google Blog]

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