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Cavity Healing Gel Could Render Dentist Drills Obsolete

regrowing teethSomewhere between our third and fifth root canal, we came to the conclusion that dentists are sick, twisted people. After all, anyone who truly wants to spend a career punishing people for enjoying candy has got to have some sort of serious God complex. Sure, pulling down a cool six figures for making small talk with drooling patients may "sweeten" the deal, but is it really worth living your life as the most loathed person this side of the local proctologist? Well, it actually might be, thanks to a new technique that could render that dreaded dentist drill obsolete, thus allowing your local tooth doc to sleep with a less bloody conscience.

According to Popular Science, a team of French scientists have developed a new gel that has proven to painlessly heal cavities in mice. Instead of drilling away at your pearly whites, all a dentist would have to do is place some of this gel near the cavity, and allow it to automatically regenerate new cells. The goo contains a hormone used for bone regeneration, and we imagine it to be some sort of mega-milk. As researchers explained in a recently published paper, the gel not only healed mouse cavities within one month, but also allowed tooth cells to grow back even stronger.

Unfortunately, though, the gel must undergo several years of clinical testing on humans before it can be approved for use in dental offices. Until that day comes, sweet-toothed and weak-willed people everywhere will still have to put up with the drill -- and the social deviant wielding it. [From: PopSci, via: Engadget]

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