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R.I.P.: T-Mobile Officially Discontinues Sidekick Sales

sidekick tombstoneOnly a few days ago, we reported that Microsoft killed off its Kin cell phone line. Now, the death knell has rung for yet another mobile device favored by teens. According to Phone Scoop, T-Mobile announced that it will no longer sell versions of the Sidekick as of July 2nd. The company will provide support for customers who bought a Sidekick during its six-year run, but you won't find the flip phones in stores or online anymore. A T-Mobile spokesperson told Phone Scoop in an e-mail that the company is working on products that will offer consumers a "new and fresh experience." Honestly, for the Sidekick, the writing has been on the wall since T-Mobile announced the Android-powered myTouch 3G line last year. Not to mention, the Sidekick, like the Kin, was developed by Danger, which makes the Microsoft-owned company the Grim Reaper of cell phones.

So goodbye, Sidekick. We'll soon forget your tacky color schemes and swiveling screen design. But we'll always remember those painful commercials that brought together NBA stars Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade. You'll stay in our heart's Fave Five forever. [From: Phone Scoop, via: Engadget]

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