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Creepy Robot Babies Compared, Tracking the World Cup via Facebook Buzz

Creepy Robot Babies

There's a load of great tech news happening out there every day, and, unfortunately, we just can't cover it all. Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.
  • Robot designers insist on pushing up against the uncanny valley when building robotic children, a terrifying trend that Erico Guizzo has plotted out on a New York Magazine-esque Approval Matrix. [From: BoingBoing]
  • The New York Times infographics team whipped up an interactive display that compares the buzz over World Cup players during the course of the tournament according to Facebook conversation. We're waiting for an exploration of the vuvuzela based on Twitter complaints. [From: New York Times]
  • Now that most major mobile operating systems can actually multitask, Wired looks at what's actually going on behind the scenes in Android, iOS 4 and WebOS. [From: Wired]
  • It was bound to happen: M.C. Escher gets the LEGO treatment. [From: Neatorama]
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