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YouTube to Make Ads Skippable Later This Year

Skippable YouTube Ads
Google Senior product manager Baljeet Singhe announced Tuesday that YouTube, which is expected to finally make a profit this year, will begin embedding skippable ads in some videos within the next six months. Allowing users to offer feedback or choose ads is hardly new; Hulu lets you choose your commercials with Ad Selector, and Facebook's ads can be voted up or down. As with most everything in the Googleplex, Google has been testing how well these ads, which can be bypassed with the click of a mouse, fare with viewers. Singhe claims the higher quality commercials were skipped less often than the lower quality ones, a finding he thinks should drive advertisers to improve their ads. Even if the viewer decides to skip the ad, there is a silver lining for the advertisers; Google won't charge for skipped ads.

While Google's Tuesday event was taking place, Hulu meanwhile was unwrapping plans for its $9.99 monthly subscription service, which lets users access full TV show series on computers, TVs and mobile devices. YouTube, of course, is a different beast from Hulu -- with an enormous mix of amateur and professional videos, ranging in length, quality and legality. Simply ripping television ads from the living room, and pasting them on your 30-second kitty clip masterpiece (or Van Halen mashup) will only frustrate users' chances at viral success, so a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't seem to be in Google's future anytime soon. [From: The Wall Street Journal]

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