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Starbucks Now Offers Free Wi-Fi, Same Burnt Coffee

Free Starbucks Wi-Fi
Latte-sipping techies rejoice! Today is the day that Starbucks changes forever. No, a cup of Starbucks brew will still taste like cigarettes. And, yes, you'll still pay exorbitant prices for it. But from now on, at least, you can do so while surfing the Web for free.

As promised, the ubiquitous chain will tear down its Wi-Fi pay wall today, effectively paving the way for millions of fair trade advocates to take their sweet time sipping Americanos in front of their Macs. Just walk into any Starbucks located in the U.S. or Canada, open your laptop, click through an agreement and proceed to waste an entire day listening to Sarah McLachlan. When Starbucks announced the move back in June, the company didn't anticipate people spending more time on its Wi-Fi network than they already do. Yuppie-on-yuppie eye sex, on the other hand, is expected to triple. [From: Engadget]

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