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PayPal 'Guest Payments' Finally Enables Credit Card Payments

PayPal LogoWe're pretty amazed that it took this long for PayPal to make a move, but the online payment company is finally going to let developers accept credit card payments from customers who don't have PayPal accounts. The new program, called Guest Payments, is particularly exciting for independent software developers who rely on PayPal for cheap and easy processing.

PayPal has been appealing to consumers and retailers alike, thanks to the anonymity and security it brings. Customers don't have to hand over credit card info to small publishers, and those accepting payments don't have to go through the trouble of constructing a transaction system and fraud-prevention tools. Guest Payments eliminates one of the last barriers to use an account. It might not end up being a game changer, but it will certainly be appreciated by both consumers and sellers. [From: PayPal, via: CNET]

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