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Jason Bateman Apologizes for Being a Jerk, We Decide If He's Guilty or Not

Jason Bateman
On iPhone 4 drop day, half of the free world was waiting for their 'magical' device from Apple. Some, it appears, waited longer than others, and 'Arrested Development' star Jason Bateman reportedly cut in line (or was ushered through it, depending on the report). Fanboys cried foul, and Bateman has acknowledged the wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness. A few days ago, the actor blamed the incident on the paparazzi. "There wasn't one boo. Not one hiss. The Apple guy brought me in away from the paparazzi. Period," he tweeted. "I was content in line. I wish I'd stayed." Yesterday, though, Bateman clarified his claim about the boos, and offered a more definitive mea culpa. "Correction - If there were boos, I didn't hear them," he backtracked. "If some were mad, I didn't see them. I wish I had. If you're out there, I'm sorry." [From: CNN, via: Toronto Sun]

Strangely enough, the Switched crew was torn. Some writers love Bateman and want all of those upset about a single cell phone to shut it, while others are glad that the Bate 'fessed up. Two impassioned pundits weigh in.

Arrested Development: Grow Up, BateGate

Really, Jason Bateman, really? The paparazzi were going that crazy over a B-list celebrity best known to the world as the creepy has-been who tried to jump Juno's bones? Please. What's that you say? 'Arrested Development'? Oh, you mean like a 41-year old who never learned in kindergarten what happens to line-cutters? That kind of arrested development? Listen, it's really super that someone actually recognized Jerry O'Connell you. Honestly, you should be proud of yourself. But somewhere between hyperventilating with excitement and pretending to be mobbed by your fans, you forgot about a little something called basic human decency. Go ahead and apologize all you want (and I sincerely hope your massively inflated ego doesn't give you too many reception issues), but you, like your post-2003 career, are dead to me.

Michael Bluth is Not a Jerk, and Apple Dweebs Should Shut Their Cry-Holes

You're mad because Jason Bateman got an iPhone before you? Shut your cry-hole, you baby. Don't think he deserves to get one before you because 1) he's a celebrity, or 2) you've never heard of him? Watch TV, you baby. It's not JBate's fault that you're culturally illiterate. Jason Bateman is perhaps one of the least offensive of Hollywood personalities, and we frankly can't recall ever seeing him on the gossip pages before last week. Why? Because Jason Bateman is probably a normal person, maybe even a bit boring, who just happens to be more successful than you. And you're upset that he got a phone before you? Shut your whiny mouth, you petulant, envious child.

BateHate needs to stop. This was like over a week ago, people. Get back to 'Farmville'; your pumpkins are ripe.

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