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'Bat Hook' Charges Phones From Power Lines, Terrorizes Birds

the bat hook
We're not privy to the innermost thoughts of birds, but we imagine they must derive some sense of pleasure from hanging out on overhead power lines. In an existence characterized by dodging cars, dogs and tennis balls, the power line must be a much-needed respite for our feathered friends. Even that artificial oasis, though, may soon become an ornithological war zone, thanks to something called the 'Bat Hook.'

As PopSci explains, the Bat Hook consists of a long cable with a weighted hook, which features a razor blade. When you latch the hook onto any power line, the blade cuts through the wire, and provides a safe flow of current down to whatever gadget or car battery you're trying to charge. The catch, as explained in the video from the Department of Defense (after the jump), the Bat Hook is only available for Special Ops soldiers, who, apparently, requested something that Batman would use. Pashtun pigeons had better be on high alert. [From: PopSci]

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