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TXT Stopper Turns Your Car Into a 'No Phone Zone'

No Phone Zone
Texting while driving is one of the undeniable scourges of the road, and some studies have even suggested it's more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. We've seen various attempts to thwart or discourage drivers from firing off SMS missives or placing calls -- ranging from high-tech, GPS-equipped systems that intercept calls based on your movement, to silly thumb socks that make typing on a capacitive touchscreen (like the one found on the iPhone) impossible.

TXT Stopper claims to go one step further by turning your car into a completely cell phone-free zone. The product's website offers no details about how it works, but the site is loaded with hyperbole and fear-mongering, along with an incredibly irritating pop-over video of a woman denouncing the dangers of texting and driving. How, exactly, the $200 electronic device works is unclear, but, if the product's claims of being "compliant" in all 50 states is true, we can't imagine that it would be some sort of cell phone jammer.

We've contacted TXT Stopper for details, but have yet to receive a response. Until we do, we'd recommend a better solution for not texting while driving -- common sense. [From: TXT Stopper, via: Engadget]

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