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'Mafia Wars' Will Be Made Into a Movie... and It Really Shouldn't Be

mafia wars on film
'On the Waterfront' spawned 'The Godfather,' which spawned 'Goodfellas,' which spawned... 'Mafia Wars'? Somewhere, Joe Pesci is choking himself with a telephone cord right now.

Yep, a movie based on the absurdly popular Zynga-produced Facebook game is definitely in the works, effectively driving a stake through the heart of American cinema. The "film," which describes itself as a "crime thriller based on the popular video game," will reportedly take place in New York, Moscow, Cuba and Bangkok. Much like the game, it will probably involve (middle-aged) characters who perform tasks to earn cash and "experience," and then flock to their Facebook accounts to tell everyone about it. The financial formula here is pretty transparent: cook up watery script, call it 'Mafia Wars,' and lure all of its 26 million addicts into theaters.

But if you're going to make a movie based on a Facebook game, why not try to make it like the Facebook game? Every person in the audience gets a sleazy nickname, a fake gat and has to shoot at thugs on the screen. And whichever gang wins gets a free pizza party, or Facebook points, or whatever amphetamine Zynga hands out to get people hooked on stupid games like this. It'd be like a Mafioso's 'Choose Your Own Adventure' movie. Slap some 3-D technology on that sucker, jack up the prices, and you've got box office gold. Otherwise, whoever's selling you this movie, as Tuddy Cicero once said, has "a wonderful sense of humor." [From: FilmDrunk, via: Geekosystem]

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