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'Celeb Spotter' App Is a Great Way to Get Yourself Slapped With a Restraining Order

OK! Magazine celebspotter appHere's something that's guaranteed to spawn a few lawsuits: OK Magazine's Celeb Spotter iPhone app. That's right. The Mark David Chapmans of the world now have a new, high-tech way to make famous people call the police.

As The Next Web's Martin Bryant reports, the British gossip mag's app uses the iPhone's location-based technology to provide users with a list of known celebrity hangouts, allowing them to scour London for crotch shots with even greater ease. In the event that you actually spot a celeb (without hyperventilating), you can use the app to give the scoop, along with a geo-tagged photo, directly to OK's editors. If the shot's juicy enough, OK might publish it in its print edition, although it's pretty unlikely that you'll see much in the way of money.

Granted, most Web-savvy celebrity fetishists could probably find the bulk of this information on any gossip site or forum, and it's not like the app will allow them to physically track any single celebrity (we hope). But the idea of taking something inherently lame, disguising it as something "social" and using it to cut corners on paparazzi fees sounds a bit like predatory app development. And, besides, do celebs really need another reason to whine about how so unbelievably hard it is to be rich and famous? [From: TheNextWeb]

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