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NFL Star Stacy Andrews Snags iPhone 4 for $2K From Line Camper

Stacey Andrews and iPhone 4Most Apple fanatics who waited in line overnight to get their hands on the iPhone 4 wouldn't part with their shiny new handsets easily. But Brittany Hightower of Little Rock, Arkansas simply couldn't say no to Stacy Andrews, an offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles. The NFL star stopped the Walmart shopper, who was on her way out the door with what had been the last iPhone in the store, and offered to buy the handset off her for well above list price.

After Andrews convinced Hightower of his identity, he offered her $1,000 in cash for her brand new phone. Amazingly, the 22-year old turned down the football player's initial offer, but, when he quickly doubled the price, Hightower couldn't resist. The Little Rock resident, now two-grand richer, could buy three contract-free iPhone 4s, and still have cash left over -- all for showing a little bit of patience. If we'd known we could make that kind of cash just for waiting, we'd have camped out for an iPhone, too. [From: KTHV, via: Huffington Post]

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