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Muti Randolph at Creators Project, Narrating the History of Istanbul With Light

concept for muti randolph's 'imagem'
There's a load of great tech news happening out there every day, and, unfortunately, we just can't cover it all. Here are a few of the other noteworthy things we saw today on our never-ending journey through the wild, wild Web.
  • The entire Switched team was too busy sitting face-first in front of the AC this weekend to attend Vice Magazine's and Intel's 'Creator's Project' exhibition -- a melting pot of art, tech, music and sweaty hipsters. Luckily, we've covered several of the exhibitors and their works before (e.g., Patrick Jean, Spike Jonze and Marc Essen), so we don't feel too bad for staying home. But we did miss lighting designer Muti Randolph's 'Imagem' -- a giant cube of 6,144 light spheres that react to users' movements. Also, we would've liked to have seen M.I.A., if only to bring her some french fries. [From: Creator's Project]
  • One day the recursion of memes will make the Internet explode. Do you remember, for example, the Bill Hader/Andy Samberg SNL series of shorts called 'Laser Cats'? Of course you do. Hader and Samberg appropriated the aesthetic language of Internet geeks (e.g., cats, lasers, bad fan-fic YouTube videos), and created viral hits. Now some YouTubers have taken 'Laser Cats,' and incorporated it into the gameplay of 'Team Fortress 2' -- creating a video of a game based on a video based on the Internet. Whatever. Just click here if you like cats and lasers. [From: Buzzfeed]
  • HaydarpaƟa Train Station in Istanbul (not Constantinople!), Turkey is currently the site of a beautiful and elegiac art projection that narrates the history of one of the world's oldest cities. 'Yekpare,' as the work is known, uses abstract lighting and experimental music (which includes some didgeridoo and a terrific noise that Merzbow would love) to trace the origins of the area from its earliest inhabitants, through the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, and up to present-day Istanbul. Check out a video of the work here. [From: NOTCOT]
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