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Stephen Britt's 'Fast Forward' System Puts a Motor in Your Bike Pedal

Fast Forward PedalsA certain segment of the population is currently in love with two forms of transportation: bicycles and anything electric. That demographic, then, will be happy to meet their next enviro-crush: Stephen Britt and his Fast Forward electric bike pedals. According to Britt, the slightly lazy cyclist need do nothing more than replace his old Saucony-platforms with these suckers, and grin as he pumps those pistons in relative ease. (We don't understand how these things could really help you get moving without somehow engaging the bike chain, but whatever. That's why Britt gets paid the big bucks.) And the best part? Their weight is equivalent to "two tins of beans!" (In American, that'd be "two cans of Spam.") [From: Take One Small Step, via: Engadget]

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