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Sports Illustrated iPad Edition Lands, Runs You $4.99 an Issue

sports illustrated ipad appSports fans can now keep track of their favorite teams with a new iPad application. According to The New York Times, Time Inc. recently launched its official Sports Illustrated iPad app, which includes all the content found in the print magazine plus extra digital content. A new issue is available each Wednesday for $4.99 (the same price as the Wired app), and takes about four minutes to download. The first iPad issue of SI, which also comes with a tutorial, hit the App Store Wednesday with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant on the cover. It has a slideshow of photos from the Lakers' championship celebration (as opposed to just one photo in the print version), an interactive look at Pebble Beach's "Cliffs of Doom" and an exclusive, eight-minute documentary about an Illinois high school baseball team.

You'll need an Internet connection, however, to access many of the extras -- like the documentary and up-to-the-minute player stats. There's also no subscription feature yet, which makes it sort of a hassle to get every issue. You can't beat SI's design, though, and, of course, the app features some of the best sports writing out there. [From: The New York Times]

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