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Brooklyn's Mark Suppes Builds Nuclear Reactors When He's Not Working for Gucci

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We've gone on a wild goose chase in Iraq, we've spent countless hours worrying about Iran and North Korea, and, all this time, a rogue nuclear genius has been lurking in our own Brooklyn backyard.

Mark Suppes, a 32-year-old New Yorker and Web developer for Gucci, recently became the 38th amateur physicist to build a reactor capable of conducting nuclear fusion. According to the Daily News, Suppes began constructing his reactor two years ago "with $35,000 worth of parts he purchased on eBay" and an extra $4,000 worth of parts he bought with money he'd raised on an inventors' website. Fortunately, Suppes has good intentions at heart, as he is part of a growing legion of so-called 'fusioneers' -- amateur scientists working to solve the world's looming energy crisis. Watch him describe his process in a video by the BBC.

As the BBC reports, nuclear fusion has long been revered by scientists as the "holy grail" of energy production -- primarily because it's such a clean and efficient process. The major problem, of course, is that no one (including Suppes) has been able to create nuclear fusion with a process that produces more energy than it consumes. Suppes, however, remains optimistic. "I was inspired because I believed I was looking at a technology that could actually work to solve our energy problems," he explains. "And I believed it was something that I could at least begin to build."

The fact that anyone could obtain these kinds of materials on something as banal as eBay might be cause for some legitimate concern. But the greater Brooklyn area needn't worry about any real threat from their zany neighbor. Scientists tell the BBC that there is "no chance of any kind of accident" with the fusion that Suppes has orchestrated, giving us all the more reason to cheer him on as he works tirelessly to save the world -- in his spare time. [From: BBC, via: Huffington Post]

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