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'Share Happy' Machine Dispenses Ice Cream - If Your Smile Is Worthy

Unilever's Ice Cream Facial Recognition Software
Few life experiences are more guaranteed to bring a smile to your face than plowing your way through a massive scoop of ice cream. But if you want to grab a frozen treat from a dispenser called the 'Share Happy,' you'd better start practicing your fake grin.

Created for Unilever, the world's largest ice cream manufacturer, the Share Happy is, for all intents and purposes, the most moronic invention we've ever seen. As Market Watch reports, the device essentially consists of a giant "attractor screen," which seems to be something like the flame to an ice cream customer's moth. Once lured toward the screen, the person is prompted to flash their pearly whites, and, with the help of guesswork facial recognition technology, the machine judges the sincerity of your smile. If it's genuine happiness that you're wearing on your face, you get ice cream. If it's more grimace than grin, you get nothing.

"We're really excited about the possibility this new technology holds for Unilever," exclaims Ian Maskell, Global Brand Development Director for Wall's at Unilever. "It offers a revolutionary new way for consumers to buy ice cream, and, simultaneously, a revolutionary brand experience." We're sure Unilever's really stoked about their new toy, but it sure seems a lot more de-evolutionary than ground-breaking. Since when do consumers have to prove their happiness before diving into a delicious scoop of dessert? Shouldn't it be Unilever's job to bring a ray of sun-shiny sweetness into our otherwise dreary lives? We see through your gimmick, Unilever. And we will not be your smile monkey. [From: MarketWatch; via: BoingBoing]

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