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Amazon, Netflix Divided Over Post Office's Plan to Cut Saturday Delivery

USPS Mulling Saturday Cuts
With more people shopping online, a United States Postal Service (USPS) proposal to stop delivering mail on Saturdays could impact many online retailers. But outlets are split as to what exactly that means.

According to The Washington Post, Amazon and Netflix representatives will testify today at a Senate hearing about the potential plan to axe Saturday deliveries, which would force Amazon to shift nearly 17-percent of its business to other services like FedEx. Obviously, Amazon is opposed to the plan. In a prepared testimony, Netflix executive Andrew Rendich claims a Monday-through-Friday delivery schedule would have little impact on his company. He called it "a reasonable proposal in light of the very difficult challenges facing the Postal Service." Kenneth Czarnecki, senior V.P. at CVS Caremark, which shipped more than 50 million prescriptions by U.S. mail in 2009, said at a recent forum that this plan would add expense rather than eliminate it. "These added costs not only impact patients' pockets but will also place significant fiscal strain on our health-care system," he said.

It takes long enough to get a package from Amazon on the current six-day schedule. We shudder to think about how long we'd have to wait if this plan were put into effect this fall, or if we had to receive crucial services like prescriptions through the USPS. [From: The Washington Post]

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