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No Duh: LG's Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Is a Good Thing

LG Hybrid Air Conditioner
Kudos to LG Electronics for creating the Most Obvious Product That No One's Ever Made. With all these new-fangled concepts coming out for solar-powered cellphone chargers and drink coasters and what-have-you, it makes the most sense to craft an eco-friendly device that performs the best in high-sun seasons and whose traditional counterparts are electrical siphons of the worst sort. We present to you: the solar hybrid AC.

Well, maybe LG's unit is not the first solar-powered air conditioner in existence, but it certainly seems like the most reasonable. It's a hybrid device, so overcast-but-humid areas equipped with this high-tech swamp cooler won't suffer from a lack of solar rays. Debuting in Korea, the new AC generates up to 70 watts of power through its photovoltaic cells, and will offset your CO2 emissions over 460 lbs. (212 kgs.) over 10 years -- effectively saving 780 pine tress in the same period. While it may seem like some endless feedback loop -- in which we've wrecked the ozone with emissions, which led to brighter and hotter seasons, which then leads us to tech that takes advantage of our wrecked atmosphere -- we're more than happy for a cooling gizmo that doesn't wrack our conscience. Seriously, we're boiling. [From: Designboom]

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