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Pick the Right Smartphone for Your Travels

Picking a cell phone is hard enough if you don't have to take into consideration your travel habits, especially if those habits take you overseas on a regular basis. The fine folks over at Gadling (a fellow AOL blog) have put together a rather helpful guide to picking the right smart phone for your travel needs.

Generally you'll want to make sure you get a phone that supports GSM (any phone on AT&T and T-Mobile, or so-called "global phones" on Sprint and Verizon). The phone should also get decent battery life and have a few essential features, namely Wi-Fi and GPS. Head over to Gadling to check out all of the good advice, but we think they left out one important option -- buy unlocked. Sure, you might pay more in the short term for an unlocked phone, but you can often get pre-paid SIM cards overseas that can save you hundreds of dollars in roaming charges. [From: Gadling]

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