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Slim Xbox 360 Ditches RROD for Soothing, Green Ring of Death

Slimmer Xbox 360 won't have Red Ring of Death

There are a lot of things the recently confirmed slimmer, Xbox 360 Elite can do, like store more data and connect to the Web via built-in Wi-Fi. But one thing the glossy, svelte console can't do is glow red when it inevitably breaks. According to some specs that Joystiq received, the new console won't show a Red Ring of Death (RROD) when it experiences a fatal error. Now, that doesn't mean this new version of Microsoft's console is invincible. There just isn't a red LED light built into the slimmer Xbox 360, so a console failure will cause a green ring to light-up. Maybe Microsoft thinks a simple color change will prevent the publicity nightmare brought on by the RROD. Apparently, it must be too much to ask that the company just ship consoles that aren't buggy and prone to errors. [From: Joystiq, via: Engadget]

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