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Google TV Officially a Go, Twitter Addresses 'Worst Month Since Last October'

Google TV Morning Xtra image
Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • According to an official press release and new illustrated video, Google's joint operation with Sony, Intel and Logitech "seamlessly integrates your TV, DVR recordings and the entire Internet" by way of either a special television or a separate box. Google also boasts that, with various search functions, customizable home screen shortcuts and access to the 50,000 apps in the Android Market, Web TV Google TV lets you do stuff "you could never do before." [From: Pop Screen]
  • Twitter has been besieged by the disabling Fail Whale recently, prompting the site to address the impetus behind its chronic outages. Twitter asserts that, while it continues to expand and upgrade its services, unprecedented traffic -- due in large part to the World Cup -- creates unforeseen "complexities." Twitter does plan to notify the public of any upcoming maintenance period or downtime (which will not occur during the soccer games) at its official blog. [From: Twitter Blog]
  • Web entrepreneur Kevin Rose, most famous for his founding role with Digg, reportedly plans to launch a new Web-based weekly known as Fforward. According to Tech Crunch, the tech impresario's "live streaming tech/geek culture show" arrives later this summer, although his current program Diggnation should continue to run until the end of this year. [From: Tech Crunch]
  • Gmail relegated the once-pervasive Hotmail to despondent, has-been status long ago, but the prodigal e-mail service is embarking on a significant comeback attempt today. The Windows blog asserts that the Hotmail upgrades, set to incrementally appear over the next few months, include a new menu, app integration, enhanced photo sharing and augmented attachment capabilities. Hmm, sounds like it might be time to reclaim that old disabled account. [From: The Windows Blog]
  • Engadget slyly unearthed some revealing information concerning the upcoming Motorola Droid X, and the mobile's reported specs certainly impress. The model apparently features a 4.4-inch high-resolution screen, Android 2.1 software and a celebrated "Snappy!" performance. It also appears somewhat clunky, though, and the camera inspired a few mild complaints. [From: Engadget]

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