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Nintendo 3DS Gets Official at E3

Today at E3, Nintendo officially took the wraps off the 3DS, the latest version of its wildly successful portable gaming platform. The big selling point is, of course, the 3.5-inch 3-D screen that graces the top half of the handheld. Unlike the 3-D tech being hawked by TV manufacturers, the screen on the 3DS doesn't require special glasses to get the tri-dimensional effect. A slider on the side of the screen allows you to adjust the effect based on your distance from the screen or turn it off completely. Also on the top half of the clam-shell, you'll find twin cameras for taking 3-D photos.

The bottom half retains the same non-3-D touch screen that has made gaming on the DS series of gaming handhelds so unique. In addition to the standard D-pad and buttons, Nintendo has added what it's calling a "Slide Pad," which is a shallow analog control stick. Inside, you'll also find Wi-Fi, a gyroscope and a motion sensor -- for some potentially Wii-esque gaming on the go.

Nintendo 3DS Press Shots

And speaking of games, Nintendo claims the 3DS will be launched (at an undisclosed date) with the "biggest... support ever" from third-party developers. Disney titles and 'Nintendogs' will be available on day one, as will an update of 'Kid Icarus' and installments of 'Madden,' 'Ninja Gaiden,' 'Resident Evil,' 'Splinter Cell,' 'Metal Gear Solid' and a Batman title. It appears that Nintendo will offer two color options, blue and red, when the 3DS hits shelves some time in the future.

We'll be back later with some hands-on, and hopefully some inkling as to price and availability, but for now just enjoy those press shots. [From: Nintendo]

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