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How to Pre-Order an iPhone 4 With Minimal Hassle and Headache

iPhone 4 pre-orders begin on Wednesday

The mad scramble to get on the iPhone 4 pre-order list has begun. But unless you have a solid game plan, you might get left in the cold. According to Engadget, the easiest and most reliable way to ensure you get an iPhone 4 on the June 24th launch day is by pre-ordering the device on either Apple or AT&T's Web site. (Apple kicked off pre-orders early this morning, shortly after midnight). Do your best to avoid brick-and-mortar Apple and AT&T stores tomorrow, though. The former will only direct you to a computer to pre-order the iPhone 4, and the latter will authorize your credit card for the total cost of the device but won't deliver it until the 25th for some reason.

You can also pre-order Apple's latest device from third-party stores, but it seems like there's plenty of confusion surrounding exactly how this will work. It's best to avoid these avenues if at all possible, because each handles the pre-order process peculiarly. If you do decide to take this option, though, you should call your local Best Buy, RadioShack or, yes, even Walmart to find out how they're handling pre-orders. Check with the stores frequently, too, because it seems like protocol is changing from hour-to-hour in some cases. Everything is clear as mud, right? If you need more help, AT&T has a FAQ sheet (PDF). If you're still confused, you might just want to cross your fingers, and send up a prayer. [From: Engadget]

UPDATE: We're hearing reports that the demand for the new iPhone is so high that both Apple and AT&T's websites have been swamped to the point of crashing. We tried Apple ourselves just a moment ago and it seems to be working, but just be patient if you're getting an error screen.

UPDATED 2: Reports suggest AT&T is entirely sold out of pre-orders for the iPhone 4.

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