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Volkswagen's 2011 Phaeton a Sign-Reading, Google Maps-Downloading Machine

Volkswagen 2011 Phaeton
Judging by past experiments, Volkswagen believes autonomous features are the future of the automotive industry. According to Engadget, the auto manufacturer's 2011 Phaeton has a dash-mounted camera that reads street signs and adjusts to lessen glare from oncoming headlights. Once a street sign has been read, the information (e.g., traffic information, speed limit) is displayed on the car's dashboard. However, the most impressive Phaeton feature is the navigation system, including a GPS that syncs with a mobile phone to download up-to-date Google maps. Whether it's a minivan equipped with Wi-Fi or this literate car, Volkswagen seems to be at the forefront of automotive nerd-dom. [From: Engadget and the Torque Report]

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