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AOL Tech Stumbles Again, Plagues Millions of Users with Downtime

wordpress fail logoWordPress bloggers the world over are holding their collective breath as the site continues to experience mysterious difficulties. As Mashable reported, the troubles began when the site and its millions of blogs went down yesterday for no apparent reason. Later in the day, WordPress responded to Mashable's inquiry by saying that it was aware of the problem, and later tweeted, "We are working on restoring as quickly as possible." CEO Matt Mullenweg followed it up about an hour later, tweeting, "The vast majority of blogs are back up, bringing up the rest over the next few minutes after we verify them." Within the next hour, though, the site and its blogs went down once again. Finally, as of this morning, is back up, as the company's Twitter account claims, "everything should be back to normal now."

Astute readers will recall that the site went through similarly rocky waters back in February, when it experienced prolonged service interruptions. may finally be back up on its feet, but bloggers everywhere would be advised to spend part of their day outside. [From: Mashable]

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